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RUSSIAN RADIO – Northwest, 107.8 FM

RUSSIAN RADIO is now the largest international radio broadcasting network, uniting all those who speak Russian, believe in eternal values and consider Russia their Motherland, and the Russian Soul mysterious and beautiful. RUSSIAN RADIO always offers excellent music, the latest news and the best hosts. Embodying the national idea in the FM band, RUSSIAN RADIO is the most comprehensible and intimate radio station for its audience.

LOVE RADIO – St. Petersburg, 105.3 FM

Love Radio is a modern radio station, which is based on popular music, actual news, creative draws, amazing radio actions. Listeners of LOVE RADIO — fashionable, active, successful and self-assured young people at the age of 18 – 35 years which are keeping up to date, conducting an active way of life and pleasures receiving a maximum from a life.

DFM RADIO – St. Petersburg, 103.4 FM

This radio station enjoys high ratings among active and goal-oriented people in St. Petersburg and forms a broadcasting network covering over 170 cities in Russia and abroad. DFM is a modern dynamic ambience of stimulating tunes which attracts a large audience of energetic people.

MAXIMUM RADIO – St. Petersburg, 102.8 FM

MAXIMUM is one of the most remarkable radio stations in St. Petersburg and is well known to those who are interested in modern trends in world music. Each year the radio station provides information support for the key musical events in St. Petersburg, including concerts of the major Russian and international stars.

MAXIMUM is radio for intellectuals. MAXIMUM is the most interesting modern music, DJs whose originality and fame make them stars on a national scale and programs which have brought up an entire generation. MAXIMUM is the radio of a modern city.

MONTE CARLO RADIO – St. Petersburg, 105.9 FM

A luxurious radio station with a unique, clear, recognizable format (rhythmic AC), a radio station for beautiful, stylish, successful, socially active and well-off people.

PLANET PLUS promotion company

PLANET PLUS is the leader among promoters of St. Petersburg, organizing shows of Russian and international musicians in St. Petersburg and the northwestern region of Russia. Since 1998, it has organized performances by such famous groups and singers as Depeche Mode, Paul McCartney, Cher, Whitney Houston, Sting, Elton John, Rolling Stones, Metallica, Carlos Santana, Aerosmith and many others. The company also organizes major social events and celebrations in the city.

KASSIR.RU ticket agency

KASSIR.RU is St. Petersburg’s biggest ticket selling agency. At any time you can buy tickets to events taking place in the city from its booking offices or website. The best theaters, concerts by international stars, grandiose shows, club events and children’s performances are now available with just one click! A ticket reservation and delivery service throughout the city and region is available.

KASSIR.RU is tickets with a smile :-)

PMI-MEDIA advertising agency

PMI-MEDIA is a unique combination of exclusive advertising opportunities and partnership with all the advertising operators. PMI Corporation’s own giant media resources allow it to create exclusive conditions for its customers to advertise their products both on the media of the corporation itself and its partners.

Institute of Beauty at the Gorokhovaya Street

Since 1961 Institute of Beauty help its patients become younger and more beautiful and theirs thankful reviews give us confidence and desire to work more efficient. Today, thanks to accumulated experience, we can offer our patients wide options of surgical and cosmetology services.

The advantage of our Institute is that we do not standing still and use our most modern methods and approaches for making perfect guise. Our specialists provide such procedures, which are held almost nowhere in St. Petersburg. For example, we provide a non-surgical formation of cheekbones and oval face with the new direction of cosmetology - biodegradable threads and new generation volumizers or electro epilation that gives an absolute guarantee of complete removal of unwanted hair permanently.

All the doctors of our Institute have a medical degree and have large experience in the scope of dermatology and cosmetology. There are several candidates of medical sciences and doctors of medical sciences in the scope of dermatology and cosmetology in the clinic. At the same time they are regularly upgrading their skills, participating in seminars and conferences. When visiting our Institute of Beauty for the first time you will be provided with necessary advice and quality medical care.

We guarantee the perfect quality of medical services since we use only modern medical cosmological equipment for surgical and cosmetic treatment.

There is transparent pricing policy in our Institute- the patient is aware of the full cost of the entire course of treatment before it starts. In addition, our prices are significantly lower than the prices of competitors, because in the first place we think about the patient, not the profit.

The aim of our Institute of Beauty is restoring physical condition of the patient, thereby reconstructing his psychological balance. Come to us and "fund of Your youth" will be saved for years to come!


7, Moyka Embankment, St Petersburg, 191186, Russia.

Phone: +7-812-318-3716

Fax: +7-812-318-3716

E-mail: planetplus@pmigroup.ru


Yatalant.Ru creative network is a unique opportunity for all creative and talented young people to draw attention to their personalities and works, find out how to reveal their potential in fashion industry, show business, science and innovations.

Yatalant.Ru is a chance for them to attract the attention of the producers, promoters, radio stations, TV Channels, online media and to obtain new fans. Young talents from different fields will also be able to find each other through our extensive system of horizontal links. Users of the network can get acquainted with gifted young people, support them by voting and win prizes from world famous stars.

PMI Development

PMI Development specializes in construction, re-construction, and real estate management. Company management currently has 8 objectives situated in the city’s Central, Vasilevskiy Island, and Primorskiy districts.

Some of the fundamental objectives, which are now in the development and construction stages, are the Alla Pugachova Songs Theater Project, and a unique residential complex of business-class townhouses on Dugovaya Street in one of the most prestigious suburb communities of Saint Petersburg, Lisiy Nos [Fox Promontory].

The Alla Pugachova Songs Theater Project is a cultural business complex at the mouth of the Smolenka River on Vasilevskiy Island. The concept for the project was developed by a world-leading architecture firm that constructs concert sites and sports structures. The complex includes: a convertible concert hall for 3,000 to 14,000 people, a conference hall, exhibition center, movie theater, hotel, restaurants, a promotional school, and a sound recording studio. Construction is expected to be completed in 2016.

  • All of the advantages of the country life: picturesque scenery of the Gulf of Finland coast, ecologically pure environment, peace and quiet
  • A growing shopping and entertainment, service, and social infrastructure
  • Transportation interchanges, providing maximal proximity to the city
  • Rich, cultural and historical heritage sites within the district
  • Residential registration within Saint Petersburg
PMI Bar Restaurants

PMI Bar Restaurants , housed within an arch of one of the buildings in St. Petersburg’s historic centre, is Evgeny Finkelstein’s first restaurant project.

It features three floors, three lives, three spaces – a bar, an enoteca, and a restaurant serving creative cuisine. At the core of the concept is food and wine; these two founding principles are taken care of by leading professionals and masters of their craft, famous both in St. Petersburg and far beyond.

Chef Ivan Berezuckiy regularly takes part in the Omnivore Food Festival and won the International Haute Cuisine Contest in 2011. Charismatic and talented, he has developed a menu unique in both style and execution. It combines local produce and cutting-edge techniques, long-forgotten recipes and plenty of imagination.

The wine list is the handiwork of the delightful Yulia Khaibullina, Russia’s top sommelier in 2008. Yulia is a consummate professional, who is constantly on the look-out for interesting samples and offers her guests unique wines and rare vintages.

The cocktails are the invention of the bar manager, Sam Konyakhin. He opted for a classic bar menu, adding some variety with exotic ingredients and herbal extracts. Each and every mix is different, not only in terms of its unforgettable taste, but also in its elaborate presentation.

The PMI Bar is divided by function into a bar, an enoteca, and a restaurant. The ground floor is a functional, arched space, with wine racks along the walls and an extended bar area. On Thursdays and Fridays, it is the perfect place for parties, with sets by the best DJs, exhibitions, and art installations. On the restaurant’s first and second floors, the softness of the dimmed lighting and the velvet dining chairs perfectly complement the open-plan style of the kitchen.

The PMI Bar restaurant project is interesting in its own right, but what truly sets it apart is its rapid development and its constant desire to evolve.

PMI Bar Restaurants
7 Moika River Embankment
(812) 907-07-10


The corporation PMI (Petersburg Music Industry) is the largest media holding in St. Petersburg. Its primary business encompasses the entire music market of St. Petersburg and northwest region of Russia.

The corporation includes:

  • PLANET PLUS promotion company
  • KASSIR.RU ticket agency
  • PMI Development company
  • PMI Bar Restaurants
  • Institute of Beauty

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